Aviation Expertise For Industry

UPSTREAM AVIATION is an Aviation Consultancy specialising in providing aviation expertise and Technical Authority services to the Resources, Government, End user and Aviation Operator sectors of industry.

Mission:  Provide aviation expertise to enable clients to lead in both safety and efficiency.

Vision: Clients will become the standard by which others measure themselves.

Values:  Safety, teamwork, honesty, technical excellence, customer service and respect.

40 years in the aviation industry has allowed us to gain unparalleled experience and enables us to use the benefits of all that experience to provide excellence in aviation advice to clients.

We have worked across all 7 continents covering more than half the world in diverse locations including the Kamchatka Peninsula to the tropics of West Africa and Antarctica. Our experience and advice has demonstrably improved safety outcomes and undoubtedly saved lives.

  • Aviation Safety and Risk Management
  • Helicopter and Aeroplane Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircrew and Maintenance Crew Training
  • Commercial Tenders and Pricing for Aviation Services
  • Preparation of Aviation Service Contracts
  • Aviation Logistics
  • Aviation Audits
  • Accident and Incident Analysis
  • Aviation Technical Authority
  • Preparation and Review of Aviation Related Contracts and Scope of Services
  • Preparation of Commercial Proposals
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Operations Manuals
  • Planning and Advice to Minimise Client Aviation Risk
  • Aviation Operation and Personnel Logistics Planning
  • Aircraft Type Evaluation and Selection
  • Aviation Management Services
  • Pre Start and Logistics for Aviation Operations

All aviation accidents are avoidable. 

Working with end users and aviation operators, UPSTREAM AVIATION conducts Audits for clients to highlight any areas of risk and recommend mitigation actions.

Simply complying with national aviation regulations does not guarantee aviation safety.

UPSTREAM AVIATION Audits examine over 1100 interacting parameters and look deeper than regulatory compliance.

We have conducted over 250 audits domestically and internationally for industry and governments.

Our Aviation Audits are practical, our reports are clear and concise. We always take into account that our  clients have a job to do and passengers to fly, safely.

We will provide a fixed quote for any work requested.

We will carry out all work diligently and with expertise.

We will provide agreed documents and reports in an electronic format within a specified timeframe.

We will provide follow up services for Reviews we have conducted  at 1 month and 3 month intervals.

High profile clients often have travel arrangements booked for them by staff and assistants with no aviation knowledge. There is an assumption that aviation regulation means safety is automatic, it doesn’t and it isn’t.

The requirements to obtain an Air Operator Certificate for commercial flying can very basic. Corporate flight departments have even more relaxed rules, don’t need an Operations Manual  and sometimes never have an external review.

Not all aircraft and flight operations have the same risk profile.

Sadly, there are many recent examples of aircraft accidents where celebrities, sports personalities and high net worth passengers have perished. These accidents are completely avoidable.  If an expert assessment by UPSTREAM AVIATION had been carried out, the outcomes would have been very different. 

UPSTREAM AVIATION has been trusted to fly serving Prime Ministers and to have worked with international Royalty.

Using 40 years of experience from the rigorous environment of oil and gas industry aviation UPSTREAM AVIATION provides confidential advice and expertise to ELITE clients.

UPSTREAM AVIATION’s Principal, Tim Collins started flying in 1979. In 1980, he trained to fly helicopters in support of the North Sea oil industry becoming a Captain in 1984. He has flown both two pilot and single pilot 24 hour all weather operations in the demanding conditions of the North Sea and internationally. 

He has  held senior technical and management roles with 2 global aviation operators, later working for an aircraft OEM involved with both Military and Civilian aircraft programs. He has provided aviation advice to global mining companies, oil and gas companies and governments.

Before starting UPSTREAM AVIATION, he spent 7 years as Aviation Manager and Technical Authority for an IOGP oil and gas company engaged in building and delivering the world’s largest offshore LNG project,  responsible for logistics and safe transport of more than 4000 rotational personnel over one of the longest distance helicopter flights in the world.

Throughout 40 years of flying, management and advisory roles, he has achieved a 100% aviation safety record with over 9000 flying hours. He has held professional fixed wing and helicopter licences in UK and USA and still holds an Australian Airline Transport Pilot License. 

His experience gives him unique insight into the competing safety, operational and commercial challenges within the aviation industry.


Tim Collins is an experienced media commentator on aviation matters. Channels 9, 10, Radio Stations 2GB, 3AW, 6PR, Fairfax Media and Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC all call for his informed commentary based on his aviation experience.

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